Restoring missing files

After a hard drive failure three months ago and problems restoring from my Drobo with Time Machine, I restored from my cloud backup (SOS). My largest DTPO databases, it seems were not fully backed up, and, when I verify the restored databases, it reports some 100+ files missing. Checking manually, I can see that some files are in fact missing.

The only solution I can think of is to restore the missing files manually from the Drobo. Since the crash and the restore I have added a significant number of files to these databases. Is there a faster, automated way to restore/re-import the missing files to my databases? Or do I have to track them down one by one?

The most common meaning of “missing” in the report from Verify and Repair is that DEVONthink is not able to locate an indexed file. Try this: open the log and select a file that’s reported as missing, from that file’s contextual menu choose reveal to show it’s location in the database. In place of a preview of the file you see the more detailed “missing” report from which you can usually determine where on disk that file was supposed to be. You probably merely need to reindex the parent folder(s) from the file system. Delete the indexed groups in the database that report problems – make sure you empty the trash, and rerun V&R.

Thank you very much! I’ll work this through tomorrow.

Yes. This will help me locate the missing files, which appear actually to be missing and will have to be replaced.