Restoring multiple orphaned files from Time Machine?

Several months ago I accidentally deleted 96 Mac files from the Devonthink database folders where they resided. (I mistook them for duplicate Mac files when they weren’t)

Now, trying to repair the database gives me an orphaned file, and a missing file, for every one of them, for a total of 192 orphaned plus missing.

I still have the files in their proper Devonthink database folders on my Time Machine backup.

Is there any way to restore them all without having to go through Time Machine laboriously, restoring each one? (I’m not even sure exactly how to restore one actual Mac file, to take care of it being both orphaned and missing…)

I would restore the database to a different location. Then I would close the current one, open the restored one, and move the needed files to the Global Inbox. Then close the restored one, reopen the current one, and transfer the files to it.