Restrict search to named site

I’m trying to create a search set that will look for a specific phrase on a specific Web site. This appears to be straightforward to do, and my new SS looks like it ought to work. However when it runs it seems to be searching the whole Web, and does not return any hits from the site I am interested in. My search query is “tiger triad teams”, without the speech marks, and in the supplementary box I have these terms linked with “AND”, again without the speech marks. Ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

Does this search set use any plug-ins in the Plug-ins tab or any sites in the Sites tab of the Search Sets window?

I’m using Bing and Google in the Plugins tab and in the Sites tab.

You could either…

  • Remove Bing/Google from the Plug-ins tab and ensure that the site uses the Search mode in the Sites tab

  • Remove the site from the Sites tab and add to your search term

Thanks for the advice but I’m still having difficulty in getting this to work. Since I’m new to DevonAgent I think I need to go back to basics. But thanks again for you help.

I’m seeing this on that site…

Are you seeing this too?

No, I’m not, and I access this site a lot.

Strangely, I’ve just started to get this message, and Chrome doesn’t appear willing to let me enter the site with my login credentials.