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Is there anyway to pull the search results into an Excel Spreadsheet? Also I am on an iMac 27 using Big Sur latest update…Thanks in advance.

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Take a look at Export into CSV // Selecting what to be exported (which Google found for me searching for “devonthink export search results csv” using the Menu: Tools/Create Metadata Overview. Select any or all of the items in the search results, run the menu command, and then look at the resulting *.tsv file. You can export this file and open in Excel.

This was this week’s DEVONthink “learning” for me.

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Still do not know anymore than I did.



More succinctly, see and try this menu command. there is a bit of explanation in the DEVONthink Handbook.

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As @rmschne wrote:

DEVONthink menu Tools > Create Metadata Overview.

Not sure what you mean.

It’s a good idea to be a bit more specific than “Where?”

Where can I find the help?

  • Menu Help > DEVONthink 3 help

Where can I find info about metadata overview?

  • Menu Help > DEVONthink 3 help
    • Search “Metadata Overview”

From help, Documentation > Menus > The Tools menu:

Create Metadata Overview: Creates a sheet with records for each selected file. The columns contain data from the generic and custom metadata of each file.

Where is the record created?

  • If you use it with record(s) from one group the overview record is created in this group.

  • If you use it with records from more than one group or with search results the record is created in the current database’s root.

And yes, it is not obvious where you can find the resulting record.


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We should have just answered the original question as “yes” and left it at that.


I’m honestly torn. I mean, looking at the responses in this thread it is clear to me how I would get the search results into Excel (that is by selecting all search results, selecting Create Metadata Overview from the Tools menu in DEVONthink, and then opening the resulting file called Metadata Overview in Excel by option-clicking it and selecting Open with/Microsoft Excel). You’ve even helpfully pointed out where the record is created (which might have stumped me, I must admit).

Seeing as this was the OPs first post, they may well be significantly less versed in DT than I am; so I guess even after reading the posts, the OP may still be lacking the step for step instructions which some want or need to complete a task (admittedly why I have summarised both your responses in this post).

This, of course, is not to excuse the pointless (and currently flagged) post by the OP. I would suggest to them that if this simple task has them frustrated, they might want to reconsider whether DEVONthink is a too complex and powerful tool for their needs. But then again, their post may be saying they already have done exactly that.

I really am trying to present the other side of the argument here. Having just reread the whole tread, I think I’m going to shut up now :smiley: I don’t actually have to be nice to everybody, do I? Thanks @pete31, @rmschne and @DTLow for your helpful responses on this thread. I don’t think they’ve helped the OP, but I’ve learned a bit more about DT today :slight_smile:


Sure. But “Still do not know anymore than I did”, “Where?” and “I got no idea what your talking about” were not exactly helpful if one needs help. “I can’t find XY” or “I don’t know how to do XY” would be something one can work with. I don’t see why anyone should give step for step instructions if the OP doesn’t put a minimum thought in their posts.


I agree. Really, I was just trying to see the other side :see_no_evil: I’m not successful every time I do something :grin:


I will…

Would have made more sense!

et al:

This post was incorrectly created in the DEVONthink section of the forums.The question actually pertained to DEVONagent Express.

Thanks to everyone who dove in to assist. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for clearing that up, Jim :slight_smile: (I’ll admit, I had wondered when I read the OP had paid $5 whether this was about DT at all; but I let myself be led by the tone and ignored the clue…). Following this up is a clear indication of your personal dedication, and in turn that of DEVONtech itself, to DEVONtech users - kudos :slight_smile:

Just for posterity: I’m aware that the results can be exported as CSV (and thus to Excel, as the OP requested) in DEVONagent Pro (File/Export/Report...) - is the same true of DA Express?

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No. DEVONagent Express is basically identical to the menu extra of DEVONagent Pro, that’s it.