Resurrecting title bar tap with a twist

Removing the title bar tap behavior has it merits. But why can’t this be an adjustable option? I read a lot of rather short papers and being able to quickly jump to the top to get references was a blessing. I therefore propose a three-way switch:

(1) title bar tap is active
(2) title bar tap is not active
(3) title bar tap is adapative

Explanation to (3): Since you grab the reading position for every doc anyway, the title bar tap would bring you back to the top from any position of the document (with caching the previous position) and right back to that position of you tap it again without scrolling inbetween. Best for accidental and intentional taps. Also suitable as stand-alone solution without switchable settings.

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We are constantly evaluating the appeal and utility of new settings and, if ever possible, not introduce a new one. We’re on iOS, which values simplicity over configurability. But I can see the usefulness of jumping back to the last reading position. Noted.