Retain View & Globals

A couple of comments about DTPO 2 beta.

  1. I have checked the retain view box in prefs but that seems to apply only to my default database. When I switch to others in my Open Databases list I always have to drag and resize the groups column. I would like to retain the width of columns through every database listed in the Globals column so that I don’t always have to resize.

  2. I find the “Recent Databases” heading in the Globals column unnecessary and would like to get rid of it. I now work with all my databases open, ready to switch from one to another. If there isn’t a way already, I would like a checkbox to disable Recent Databases included as a preference asap. :slight_smile:

I think you might be misunderstanding what “Retain view” does. And based on the documentation it only seems applicable when “Always open groups in a new window” is disabled even though it can be enabled when the latter still is.

The problem seems to have magically solved itself. Possibly the changes you make to columns only take effect when you have closed and relaunched DTPO. Anyway, I got the result I wanted. However, I still don’t see a need for Recent Databases in Globals when I can get the same result via File>Open Recent. I would recommend a checkbox to turn this off in Prefs.

Me too! Me too!