Return focus to document/inbox window from tagging bar?

These days I import lots of documents from my scanner or other sources into my database inbox without pre-processing them too much. I use all sorts of very useful functions to rename and tag my files. Since I’m processing a lot of docs at a time, I want to be able to work from the keyboard and blaze through them.

When I’ve highlighted a document in the document viewer (for instance one in my inbox), I hit Ctrl+Enter to drop down into the tagging bottom bar. I type in my tags, but now I’d like to pop back up to the document viewer and move to the next document to tag.

Is there some way to do this from the keyboard? Sure I can click on the next document with my mouse but that really interrupts my flow.

Or should I be doing this some totally different way?

Would love to get feedback on this! Thanks in advance!

You could use Ctrl-Tab or Shift-Ctrl-Tab (depending on the view one or more times)

Thanks! That’s very helpful! :smiley: