Return key could choose "Move to" in auto-classify pane

That pretty much says it.

If I accept DTP’s remarkably accurate suggestions for classifying articles, then I can just keep the cursor over the “Move to” button and hit the click button on my trackpad (MacBookPro). However, each time I need to choose something other than the recommended folder, I have to move the cursor off the button.

Since “Move to” is a default-yes kind of button, the kind that are highlighted in text dialogs, why could it not be activated by hitting return?

Or by double-clicking on the folder.

That would be a huge time-saver and I hope that this feature will be incorporated into DT 2.0

That’s a great idea! I just keep my cursor above the button too while classifying documents, and I just didn’t think about it, but having a default key to do this would be great.

I’ve just added this.

Thank you soo soo much!