Reveal an item in its tag hierarchy

In group-based databases (i.e a hierarchy of groups rather than a hierarchy of tags), the reveal command works very well, and I use it frequently after having searched for an item.

But in tag-based databases (i.e a hierarchy of tags with no hierarchy of groups), the reveal command is useless. Instead there is a “Reveal Tag” command for each tag in the Tag Bar. However, this just highlights the tag in the tag hierarchy, which is NOT what I want.

I want the reveal command to behave similarly to the group-based Reveal, i.e I want the document I am looking at to be highlighted (selected) in the tag hierarchy!

The Reveal command actually uses the location outside the Tags group (and there should be always one). This location is also shown e.g. in the Info > Generic inspector. A future release might revise this but no promises.

To clarify, I am of course not proposing that the regular Reveal command (cmd R) to be changed, but the Reveal Tag to be changed to the way I described (i.e reveal in tag hierarchy).

(PS: In my tag-based database, all documents are in one single group/folder: the Inbox)

At least for new databases a different and maybe better approach might be to use groups & replicants and to disable the option Exclude groups from tagging in File > Database Properties.

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