Reveal as a Context Menu Choice

I find myself continually looking for the Reveal command in the right-click Context Menu. I have a Reveal button in the Toolbar and I could also invoke the Command-R shortcut, but the context Menu would be much faster while browsing files. How about including it next to Show in Finder? It has to be one of the most used commands for many users. Thanks for listening.

There is a Reveal command available when you right-click on a document in search results, and when browsing groups there is no need for reveal as the user is already at the location.

That leaves adding this for smart groups, which could be of value. If you are browsing smart groups and want to find where the location is more than actually switching to the location (revealing the document), you can right-click and hover over either ‘Move To’, Replicate To’, or ‘Duplicate To’ and the database and path to the document will appear at the top of the menu.

I think it’s mainly when I’m lost inside the tags view and I want to get back to the source folder directly… Reveal is very convenient and it seems that the Enclosing Folder button doesn’t work in Tags view, but Reveal does. And yes Smart Folders really need Reveal. Thanks.

Interesting-I’d never thought about the Tags view. That would add an interesting twist as using reveal in the Tags view means that a new window is opened rather than going to the document in the current window.