"Reveal" (CMD-R) often malfunctions

Often times I’ll have an RTF document in its own window and, when I hit COMMAND-R (to REVEAL its parent in the database), one of the other multi-view windows will properly jump to front, BUT WITH NOTHING SELECTED (neither in the file-list nor the document content-viewing area) and with the WRONG FOLDER HIGHLIGHTED.

What’s up with that?

Which version are you using? From the Release Notes for 2.0 Public Beta 5:

• Fixed: Data > Reveal did not always work.

So, something’s been fixed although of course that doesn’t mean it’s trouble-free (yet).

DTP 2.0 pb5

It’s been happening all night. One “work around” is to CLOSE my big browser window to force DTP to create it own. In other words: the problem seems to occur ONLY when DTP tries to Reveal the file in an ALREADY EXISTING WINDOW.

Will give more updates later …

I am often having trouble with cmd-R as well. Sometimes it works, and then most of the time lately, it just takes me to the root level of the database every time I use it. Is there something I can reset, or some way to nudge this back so that it functions? I find this to be incredibly useful when it works, and I rely on it a lot.

Screenshots before/after revealing plus a screenshot of Preferences > General would be useful, thanks.