Reveal in new window?

When I go through a list of search results in DT3, I sometimes come to a results which I’d like to see in its normal location.

Reveal does this, but then I ‘loose’ the search result list. – Is there a way to “Reveal in a new DEVONthink window”?

Hold the Option modifier key to reveal the result in a new window. Also available in the See Also & Classify inspector, by the way.


Cool! Thanks.

One thing is odd though: When I get the result list not from a search, but from a Smart Group, then I cannot do the opt-Reveal trick…

Only search results support this currently.

Yes, makes sense. I guess DEVONTHINK sees Smart Groups as groups and in principle the items in a group list don’t really need a Reveal (in new window) action…

However in practice it would be handy to have… :wink: