Reveal item does not work when sorting by Threads

When I use an x-devonthink-item link with ?reveal=1 it doesn’t work when sorting by Threads. It doesn’t scroll to the item. When using a different sort option, e.g. by Name it does work.

Are you able to reveal the same item from e.g. a toolbar search?

No, also when right-clicking “Reveal” after a toolbar search it doesn’t scroll to (reveal) the item when Sort by Threads is enabled.

Which view do you use and where is the item located?

List View. The item is located in the group database Mail > 2022 > Mail from Jim > Reply from Alex > Attachment.pdf. Mail from Jim is a thread pseudo-group. Reply from Alex is a normal group.

A screenshot of this hierarchy would be useful, thanks.

See above. The thread is itself inside a Group “2022” in the “Mail” database. When I find this exact same message via Search and then click “Reveal” it shows an empty record and does not reveal anything (“No message selected”) - which makes it simply impossible to see messages in context.

Hmm - this is interesting: when I use a DT link to the item with ?reveal=1 it does reveal in the way I expect… it just doesn’t from the search view.

EDIT: even weirder: some cases it does reveal the item, in other it does not. I’ll see if I can find out in which cases it doesn’t.

A screenshot showing the window right before/after trying to reveal the search result might be useful (plus a screenshot of Preferences > General > Interface), thanks!




I was able to reproduce the issue, the next release will fix it.

I get the feeling I’m getting all my wishes granted with the next release :slight_smile: Thanks Criss!

Wishes? Nope.
Accidentally unearthed bugs? Yep.