Reveal list of locations of all replicants of a document?

Hi, new to DTP.

I’d like to be able to click on a document and display a list of all the groups containing replicants of the document.

If this isn’t possible out of the box, does anyone know where I might start trying to code this using AppleScript?


The only possibility right now is to right- or control-click on the replicant and navigate to one of the “Replicate/Duplicate/Move To” submenus.

All parent groups are listed at the beginning of the submenus, usually just to easily replicate/duplicate/move items one or more levels up.

(I’ve bought DTP!)

Thanks, but what I meant was I’d like some way of inspecting which groups the currently selected document is replicated in.

Any way, inc. with AppleScript?

The menu does actually display this. But you could script this of course too by using the parents relationship of each record.

Thanks, I didn’t realise - oops.

My only complaint on this score now is that both this popup menu and the Groups window show groups in alphabetical order, regardless of the order of the groups themselves.

Any way I can fix this?


No, this can’t be customized.