Revealing Wikilinked files

Using the Import Reference from Bookends option I have created RTF files that contain Wikilinks to PDFs that are already in my DTP database. If I click on the Wikilink, I can see the contents of the PDF file, in the bottom pane, even though the RTF file is still showing in the top pane. This is presumably exactly as it should be. I go from the first screen grab to the second:



I can then annotate the PDF as much as I want.

Now the problem. Suppose I want to use the “Summarize annotations” command and export the PDF annotations. How can I go to the PDF so that I can do this? I thought the context menu over the PDF contents might display an option such as “Reveal PDF” but it does not. I feel I must be missing something that should be obvious.

You could either enable the option to automatically reveal items (see Preferences > General > Interface) or use Data > Reveal.

Thank you. I hadn’t looked in the Data menu. Blindness.

Also, Command-R is the shortcut for the Reveal command.

Thanks again. I should have remembered that because I used it in a different situation.

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