Reverse Sync

My PC and laptop share DevonThink Pro databases via Dropbox. I do not have any syncing features enabled. On occasion I have to travel for work, so I’ll update my databases on the laptop via Dropbox.

A couple of times I have had disastrous results – the old data on the seldom used laptop overwrites the database on my PC. Nightmare.

I know there are now syncing features and I hear they are getting better. Is there any document that explains how to use them? I’m guessing this is the best way to go.

Not sure why my laptop would overwrite my PC.


This is a perfect reason why to not keep your DEVONthink databases in a Dropbox folder.

Since your PC can’t run DEVONthink, I’m a bit confused as to why you’re “sharing” them, but… you should only us the Sync plugin to Sync your DEVONthink database using Dropbox as a Sync data location.

With PC he probably means a desktop Mac?

Even if by “PC” a desktop Mac was meant, Jim is correct that placing DEVONthink databases within Dropbox is a bad idea and is likely to result in problems.

Absolutely. I’m surprised how often this idea comes up. “Likely to result in problems” is an understatement. This has to lead to failure.

Yes, I meant a Mac (personal computer).

Thank you for the advice about not storing my databases on Dropbox – painful lesson learned.

I have read up on syncing with Dropbox and am about to give it a try.