Reversing pages of a PDF

Does anyone have a script to reverse the page order of a PDF? I have a PDF generated from my scansnap where I accidentally scanned the document starting with the last page. Any thoughts on how I can get page 1 to be the first page instead of the last page, etc.?

Thanks in advance.


Get Moonwalk

Thanks for that suggestion, korm. Nicer than setting Paper Handling > Page Order > Reverse and selecting PDF > Save as PDF in a Print dialog. :slight_smile:


Works for me with Preview on 10.6.4.

Korm: thanks for pointing me to moonwalk. it did exactly what I needed.
SJK: d’oh… I should have thought of that! Next time.

Thanks to both of you!

moonwalk does not work in lion… another fix or workaround please

PDFpen has an applescript that can do this. It doesn’t look like DT exposes the pages via Applescript, so I don’t think we could port the script as is. I looked into Skim, but while it exposes the pages as separate objects, the move command gives an applescript on pages.