Reverting to DT 1.5.4 and Getting DT and DA to Synch Again:

I had a bit of trouble getting DevonThink Office Pro 1.5.4 to work with DevonAgent 2.x after deciding that the beta upgrade to DevonThink Pro Office 2 wasn’t for me.

I had some very helpful email support from DT support and then went on to figure out a few more things on my own.

Here’s what I ended up discovering.

  1. DevonThink 2.x is a control freak! It doesn’t seem to matter where it lives on your hard drive (even in your trash) – once it has been unzipped, it seems to find a way to override DT 1.5.4. Support had mentioned ensuring it wasn’t in the Applications folder. I checked, checked, and rechecked to see if I’d left some bits and pieces of the problem behind, but that wasn’t the issue. DT 1.5.4. would defer to 2.x if the program was unzipped anywhere on my harddrive – even in the trash.

  2. I also had to clean out the cache (in Agent) [found this via a search of the Forums – thanks!] to get the reversion to work. Look under DevonAgent/Empty Cache for this option.

  3. Finally, I had to go into Library/Preferences and clear out all DT 2.x preferences. I may have gone overboard because, by this time, I was getting a bit frustrated and I decided I was going to clean out most of the preferences for DT and DA period. That seemed to do the trick. Now Agent will speak to Think and Think will speak to Agent – and I’m no longer stressed out. (This is a key research combo for me. I’m an author, journalist, blogger, etc. Having my dynamic duo out of commission had me a bit stressed.)

Anyway, I hope these tips will be helpful to others. Please bear in mind that I’m a word person, not a techie. Proceed with caution. Have coffee to reflect upon your course of action before you do anything rash. Etc.

Thanks, DevonTechnologies, for always providing friendly and helpful support – and thanks ForumPeople for sharing so many great solutions here.