Review after about 7 weeks of use...

So have had DTPO for about 6 or 7 weeks now. All up, it’s fantastic product.

I came from a Windows environment as a heavy user of OneNote 2003, so I was looking for something that would at least mimmick some of the basic functions of OneNote. DTPO does this in spades. As an academic, I collect (but perhaps not always read) bits of information. I use DTPO to import stuff from the web (news items, etc.). I use the import function to bring across my entire ‘research’ folder which contains hundreds (if not over a thousand) journal articles (OneNote never did this), all of which gets indexed by DTPO. I’ve even found myself doing quite a bit of writing inside of DTPO rather than Word. Works exceptionally well. I like the interface. Sure, it’s not whiz bang like other OS X apps, but DTPO is really a research instrument (or at least it is for me). My database is pretty big (3GB) but startup is quick on a Macbook C2D 2Ghz with 2GB RAM. I have a separate database (1GB) for my archived email brough over from Entourage.

Criticisms: to be honest, nothing huge. Sure, I’ll read some of the suggestions for improvements here on the forums and think “Yeah, that might be good”, but maybe I’ve just learned to use DTPO the way it was designed. I can certainly see the advantages coming in the next release, particularly having two databases open at the same time (if that feature materialises). Sometimes I wish I had a bigger monitor (currently a 19" widescreen) so I can really stretch out that 3-pane view but, again, I’ve adapted and am not entirely keen to get a huge 24" cinema display. I do wish it would handle searching email more like Copernic Desktop Search for Windows, which is still the pinnacle in desktop search in my opinion, but that’s probably just me refusing to let go of old habits and comforts! Once you get used to searching through email, it’s perfectly fine.

All up, DTPO was worth the price of admission. I’ve a few colleagues who are Mac users who are presently trying out the latest beta and seem to be impressed.

I’ve only been using it for about three weeks now, and I have to agree on the assertion that it’s fantastic!

I even did an upgrade after and moved up to the full Office version. It was only when Devon gave me these great organizing abilities did I realize how many of my PDFs were not search-able (older CompSci/Software Engineering articles tend to be like that). The OCR works fantastically!

It’s funny, because I discovered DT in a three week span along with two other applications that have completely changed my computing experience (Quicksilver and CrashPlan). The last time I had such a “life changing” application come onto the scene was Gmail, back in 2004. So this has been a good few weeks for me!

Keep up the great work, and I’m looking forward to 2.0!