Revisiting Amazon S3 SyncStore

Dear all,

As I’m having my fair share of constant sync-issues with DropBox (NSURLErrorDomain-Fehler -1001.) Timeout. (NSURLErrorDomain -1001) and iCloud is not an option either (reliability and performance), I’m considering WebDAV as a cloud service. None of my hosting contracts allow WebDAV access and S3 would technically not allow WebDAV access.
The workaround could be to set up a local sync store on an S3 bucket launched via MountainDuck. That would allow direct sync on S3 via the mounted volume set up as local sync store. Remains the question as to how this can be accessed via DTTG…
Anyone out there who has tried that before or anything that I should consider or, worse yet, any reason why I should refrain from going that path?
Thanks for ideas!

It is not possible to use a local sync store with DEVONthink To Go.

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