RfE: easy access to DEVONthink 3 annotations file

Hi All,
I’m using the annotations feature (see DT3.png) a lot. Sometimes the annotations are large, so the “finder comment” field doesn’t fit.
Unfortunately DT2Go doesn’t give you any hint whether there is such an annotion or not - nor is there a way to easy access an annotation if you know, there is one :slight_smile:
Maybe there is some time to improve the info panel, see DT2Go.png, to show you a) there is an annotation and b) to easy have access to it.
Thank you, Klaus

How does it work today for me:
Currently, I add a tag ‘annotation’ manually each time I create an annotation using DT3.
On DT2Go I see that tag and know “hey, there seems to be an annotation”. Next I’ve to switch to the annotations folder of that DB manually, remembering the file name, looking for the right annotation, …

The request is noted. We will consider this for the next major release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.