RFE: limit search to Top Group

Would it be possible to add “Top Group” to the list of groups under the “Search in:” menu of the “Tools > Search…” dialog so searching can be limited to the top-level group? There are times I’d also like to invert that search, i.e. search entire database except the Top Group, though that’s less important.


That wouldn’t work like searching other groups as searching in a group includes all its subgroups and therefore searching the top group is identical to searching the whole database.

However, one simple workaround for now might be to click several times on the header of the “Name” column until the sorting will switch to “Location”. All found items right inside the top group will be listed at the beginning of the results then.

I meant non-group items in the top group, i.e. those displayed in the top pane with the group in Three Panes view. Thought it might be possible to have a “Top Group” item in the Search In menu similar to the one in Duplicate/Replicate/Move To menus.

Cool… thanks for the tip since I never knew about that hidden Location column; it’s not mentioned in the Search Window section of the documentation. That might be easier than my workaround of toolbar searching selected top-level non-group items.

Any chance there will eventually be some type of search presets or templates that can be saved/restored with different attributes (Search for, Operator, Comparison, etc.) and column settings?

Presets sound like a good idea but don’t expect it in the next minor maintenance release yet.

Whenever, if ever. No expectations means no disappointments.