RFE: merge Select/Deselect All commands

Currently Edit > Select/Deselect All commands are separate:

Select-Deselect All 2010-08-14 at 09.21.34.png
I’d like to suggest merging them into a single command that toggles Select/Deselect All with Command-A and Option-Command-A (like Finder) shortcuts. Or, retain Shift-Command-A for Deselect All. I didn’t spot any command currently using Option-Command-A but with so many commands/shortcuts it would be easy to miss. Or, if in use give that command Shift-Command-A so Option-Command-A can be used for Deselect All.


thanks for the suggestion! Right now it’s like in iTunes, not sure if there are any guidelines. Any other applications supporting “Deselect All”?

Thanks for the surprising belated response. :slight_smile:

Apple’s Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts article mentions Option-Command-A as the shortcut to deselect all items in Finder but not other apps.

Maybe the iTunes command/shortcut is Carbon app legacy?

Pretty sure I had an example or two when originally posting but haven’t found any now. I wouldn’t mind if the command was removed from DT, freeing its Shift-Command-A shortcut for other usage.