RFE: minor menu text renaming

Changing Open to Reveal (or Show) for these menu commands:

• Data > New from Template > Open Templates Folder
• {Script Menu} > Open Scripts Folder

… would more accurately describe what they do. Thanks!

and it would be even better if the description and activity of these functions would be harmonized by changing what these commands do …

I would love it to have functions to open the Templates and Scripts folders instead of functions to reveal these folders!

I suggest simplifying further:

  • Eliminate “Update Templates Menu” and “Update Scripts Menu” and merely perform this in the background
  • Combine “New” and “New from Template” into a single menu
  • Move “More Templates…” and “More Scripts…” into the middle (Support Assistant) section of the Help menu
  • Change “Open Templates Folder” and “Open Scripts Folder” to “Templates…” and “Scripts…” – pop open a Finder tab with those locations

I agree that Open… behavior would be preferable to Reveal…; dunno what made me too lazy not to suggest it that way. :slight_smile:


Structured how? Both those Data submenus are already relatively busy and nesting New from Template any deeper seems excessive.


“Open <…> Folder” may be preferably explicit and more consistent with other apps that provide similar functionality (e.g. FastScripts). Finder tab, anticipating 10.9? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the followups!

The “New” menu has something like 9 or 10 items in it – I’d be happy if they were placed in a section at the top of a combined menu comprising the stuff from “New” + “New from Template”. I don’t mind a long menu – better than two different menus with actions that do basically the same task (make new documents).

I’m not suggesting “nesting New from Template … deeper” (not even sure that what means).

I wasn’t sure if you were suggesting New from Template be a Template submenu under New or merging the two. I thought the latter could make New seem overloaded and maybe confusing mixing template and non-template items (e.g. Open Templates Folder directly under New; it already seems a bit out-of-place in its current location). But I’d rather that be done than another level of nesting.