RFE: "Update Captured Archive" placement

AFAIK the Update Captured Archive command only exists under the context menu of Web Archive document windows. It would be convenient if it were also under the Actions (gear) menu to the left of Reload/Stop Loading in the navigation bar. It’s (near) impossible not to accidentally select text when the CM is opened, with the side effect of other commands unnecessarily appearing there. Generally, there are several CM commands that don’t require a selection, but end up with one, which could be candidates for the Actions menu. Using the CM in editable document windows to run commands without a selection is a sloppy affair.

And documentation under Contextual menu on the HTML pages, web pages, feeds page could be changed from:

Update Webarchive: ….


Update Captured Archive: ….


O_o It is?

Yup. Something is always be highlighted/selected, even if it’s just “empty whitespace”, after a Right-Click nearly anywhere in a Web Archive document. Here’s the result of a Right-Click somewhere past the ‘?’ (same line) in your reply:

It’s not a Dt-specific behavior, e.g. try it in a TextEdit document. The only exception I’ve found is when a Right-Click is beyond the end of a document with an empty last line (sometimes requiring the cursor to be positioned there first).

Thanks for the suggestion, the next maintenance release will add the command to the action menu.