Rich Text & Font Preferences in DT3b7

[Edit update: The font preferences are updating just fine. It was just that unlike TXT files, preferences for RTF docs apply for newly created documents only]

I think this is specific to b7 because I don’t remember this happening in previous betas. The font preferences for plain text are working fine, but for rich text, new font preferences are only updated in the sorter, and not within the DT3 app itself. Is it just me?

I just tried this successfully, new rich text documents get the last selected font. Which font did you choose?

I tried with Times, Times New Roman and Arial. It’s interesting that plain texts preferences update fine with those fonts. Hmm…

The rich text preference doesn’t affect existing documents, maybe that’s the issue?

That’s it! That makes sense. I was looking at existing notes, not newly created ones. Previously created txt update because of the format. If this also applied to previously created RTFs it would alter their individual format. Ok, solved. Thanks a lot.

As a side note:
The formatting in rich text files is embedded in the underlying code, hence a change to the preferences doesn’t affect the existing code.
Plain text has no underlying code so it just displays the font you choose.

Yes, that makes sense! Thank you!