Rich Text for comments or special notes field

I know that many of us have requested a special notes field for each file and that Bill’s suggestion has been to use the comments field.

The next version of Bookends will allow linking of BE references to many applications, including DTP. This means that, when the unique ID of a BE reference is dropped on DTP or on a DTP file, it will create a clickable link to the original BE reference.

Instead of having to create a separate text file for each PDF in DT that corresponds to a PDF in BE, it would be helpful to have the ability to add the link to either an rtf notes field (does not yet exist) or the comments field.

The comments field appears to be plain text only and does not accept the link.

In addition, when dragging and dropping from another application, DTP loses focus, and the comments window hides, making drag and drop to the comments field difficult.


You could add the link to the URL field of the PDF and therefore open the BE reference via the Launch URL command, via the @ button of the Info panel or by clicking on the URL displayed above the PDF document.

Cool. :slight_smile: