Rich text & links

If I create a new Rich text note, what is the easiest way to drop a link in that note to another item?

If I drag a folder on, it just pastes in the text of the folder name, and I have to ‘Make Link’ to create the link. Plus, if I choose ‘Make Link’, and the text matches another doc, it may not create the link to the right folder.

If I drag an item it, it’s copies the text itself vs just creating a link.

Here’s an easy way to enter a hyperlink to a database group or document:

Select the target group or document from within your database and choose Edit > Copy Item Link.

Paste the Item Link into your rich text document.

Or suppose you would like to link to a large PDF document, and have it automatically scroll down to a certain page when you click on its link.

Open the target PDF and make sure the page thumbnail sidebar is showing. Display the desired page, e.g., page 151. Command-click in the thumbnail for page 151 and select the contextual menu option, Copy Page Link.

Now paste that link into your rich text document.

Click on it. Presto! There’s your PDF opened to page 151.

Awesome! I’d been looking at all the Contextual menus, not the real ones this whole time.

Thanks Bill, especially for the PDF hint, that will be very useful!