Rich text notes

I’ve noticed two anomalies I can’t quite figure out. I’m using a 3-pane view, and when I create a rich text note its icon -to the immediate right of the note’s title - looks like a gray page with a dark dot in the lower right-hand corner. But rich text notes created before the end of March of this year have different icons: checkboxes. Is this something I did? Is there some way for me to get all the icons for these notes to be one or the other?

2nd anomaly: still in the 3-pane view, in the pane that shows the list of documents, almost all the documents titles are in a black font. But a few titles are in blue. After some investigating I discovered this happened when then content of two notes were the same. Changing the content -even one character - of one note would turn the titles of the two notes from blue back to black. But then I discovered a blue-titled document which consisted only of an image file. It was a unique document. No other document had this image in it, and yet its title in the title list was blue. But when I typed “xxx” after the image file, it turned the title from blue to black. So I’m guessing this means that typed content is the determining factor in whether a document’s title shows up as blue or black. Yes?

Just use the contextual menu and its Show/Hide State commands or the Info panel (option “Show State”) to change this.

Yes, that’s correct for all documents containing text.