Rich text page width

I’ve been a non-DT user for quite some time but I’m currently trying it out for a new “adventure” in life. One of the things I’m going to use DT for is to store RTF files, and now I wonder if there is some way I can set the right margin for those pages. The reason is simply that my DT window is usually quite wide and when I look at a RTF file the lines becomes too long to read. So I would like to set a maximum width.

Is this possible?

Resize your view and document windows to dimensions that you like.

If you have made one of your databases default (see Preferences or File > Database Properties) and have also set Preferences to open the set of windows that was last open on quit, the dimensions will be ‘remembered’.

If you look at the ruler on an rtf file there is a downward facing triangle at the far right. That is the right margin. By default it will move with the window width but if you select the text and set it to a value, like 7.5 inches it will remain there no matter how wide the window gets.

Yes, but how can avoid doing this for every single file?

Read my previous post, if all you want is to read your documents comfortably and without too-wide page widths. It works. :wink:

The danger of having a small screen, I only saw the reply below yours :smiley:

Hmmm, I played around with this and it remembers the last window size … not exactly what I was thinking of since it changes when I change a window but perhaps I can work with this. I’ll play and see