Rich Text toolbar - enable / disable?


In my everyday exploration of DTPO I stumble upon a new question mark:
Is there a way to switch on/off the RTF toolbar?
I’m using DTPO on 3 machines that all sync databases.

  1. mac mini as a server
  2. mac mini as a desktop
  3. macbook

All versions of DTPO are the same, 2.9.4

What am I missing?

Thanks for helping out!

View > Hide Toolbar to hide, and View > Show Toolbar to show. These are standard OS X interface commands.

And the ruler can be hidden/shown via the menu Format > Ruler.

First off all thanks for your answering and solving my question!

Just a nuance:

  1. View > Show / Hide Toolbar does not do the trick. This hides the complete DTPO toolbar, not the RTF window part toolbar.

  2. The specific RTF toolbar (maybe you call it Styles toolbar??) I was looking for, is indeed revealed when you activate
    Format > Ruler, so in fact it is included with the ruler.

Indeed from the manual:

For rich text documents, DEVONthink Pro Office supports the standard ruler that the TextEdit engine of Mac OS X provides. Show or hide it with Format > Ruler > Show/Hide Ruler.
The ruler contains the following elements:
Tab Stops: Place tab stops with the mouse, then remove them by dragging them off the ruler. Drag new tab stops (left aligned, centered, right aligned, or decimal aligned) from the repository at the right side to their desired positions on the ruler. Use the mouse to adjust the left and right margins and indent.
Styles: Select a predefined text style from the pop- up menu. To define your own styles, choose Other to open the Mac OS X standard style editor. In the style editor, navigate back and forth through the styles of your document or the stored favorite styles. (Use the radio buttons to switch between document and favorite styles.) Click Select to select all occurences of text with the displayed style in the document, click Apply to apply the…

DEVONthink Pro Office 2.9.3 Documentation, page 82