Right click in Safari to add to Download Manager

Is there a way to right click a link in Safari and then choose to add that link to DTP Download Manager? When I find a PDF on the web it seems the best way to get that PDF into DTP is to add it to the download manager rather than saving it to the local drive and then importing into DTP.

Or you could choose ‘Save As’ in Safari and save the PDF to the ‘Inbox’ in Finder Places.

Or use a bookmarklet to save the PDF to your database.

Thank you Bill. The ‘Inbox’ approach had escaped me. I tried not only the link saved to the Inbox but also while reading the PDF and saving it from the PDF plugin to the Inbox. It worked like a charm. I must be the last person to realize this.

I have never found the bookmarklet that would download a PDF I was reading in Safari right into DTP. Could you point that out?

Click on ‘Bookmarklets’ in the DT Help Menu and it will take you to the Bookmarklets page on the DT web site.

I have looked at those bookmarklets in the past. My understanding and experience is those will take a web page or selection and convert it to PDF within DTP. When I am viewing a PDF within Safari and the PDF plugin, these bookmarklets do not appear to work. I must be missing something.

You could either copy & paste or drag & drop the link to DEVONthink Pro’s download manager. Another possibility are the “Add web/PDF document to DEVONthink” scripts accessible via the menu extra.

They’ll convert a page to PDF, but they also work with PDFs presented in a web page. At least they do for me-I just tried it on a PDF page in Safari and it imported fine.

I had tried the PDF bookmarklet with a displayed PDF and reported it last year. When a PDF is displayed in Safari and I execute the PDF bookmarklet, DTP log manager comes in focus with the following:
9:56:31 AM: www.nist.gov/public_affairs/releases/sm … _final.pdf Failed

10:00:01 AM: www.telkonet.com/marketing/plc/Network_ … aSheet.pdf Failed

Why these failed, I am not sure. I have tried other sites as well to no avail.

I’ve just added both documents successfully using the PDF bookmarklet (Safari 4.0.4, Mac OS X 10.6.2). Which version of Safari/Mac OS X do you use and how fast is your Internet connection? Maybe it’s just a timeout. Or do you use the Adobe Reader Internet-plugin?

I just tried the first document linked above on Leopard 10.5.8/Safari 4.0.4 (no Adobe Reader) and it imported fine for me as well.

Any thoughts on how to trace what is failing or why it is failing for me?

You could try it again and if (when) it fails, look in the Console log to see what errors are reported. It might also be helpful to test on a smaller PDF to see if the size of the PDF has any impact.

Console show no messages. Wireshark shows no packets when the request is sent.

I am experiencing a similar issue with the PDF bookmarklet. If a PDF is displayed in my browser and I trigger the bookmarklet, DTP is brought to the forefront, but the document is not added to the Inbox.

Furthermore, if I attempt to send the PDF to DTP via the Clip to DEVONthink bookmarklet in Firefox the PDF disappears from the browser window and the window goes blank (DTP not called). The same bookmarklet in Safari produces an error message.

Using the the PDF (paginated) bookmarklet imports a single blank page to DTP (though the correct url of the PDF is displayed).

This occurs with any PDF in the browser. I do not use Adobe Reader and the console shows no errors. Bookmarklets are the versions currently posted to the Download Extras page.

OS X 10.5.8
DTP 2.0.1
Safari 4.0.4 and Firefox 3.6

Edit: Using the save dialog to send an online PDF to DTP Inbox functions correctly.

Are you able to use other bookmarklets, e.g. to add a bookmark? Does restarting the computer make a difference?

I have used the PDF bookmarklet to create a PDF of a HTML page. This issue is when a PDF is displayed within Safari and using the bookmarklet to move/store that PDF in DTP. Restarting does not address the issue.

What other debugging tools are available to understand why there are no console messages, no traffic from my Mac trying to pull the data, and then a failure message (fairly quickly by the way) in DevonThink log?

You might try running from a Guest account to test the possibility that you have installed software in your User account that is causing errors.