Right-Hand Document Sidebar Missing on Some Documents

I’m scanning bundles of multipage documents into DTPO’s Global Inbox from my ScanSnap iX500M. Normally, everything works fine. I can go into these bundles, split the documents up into the separate documents they are, change the filenames, and save them out into the proper files. I use the sidebar that appears to in the right-hand side of the view window when I’m in the “View as Columns” mode (also in the “Three Columns” mode or others). The sidebar shows the small page views of the entire document.

Today, for some reason, the documents I scanned showed up in the Global Inbox, still as pdf files, but much smaller and with no sidebar. All the pages are there and I can scroll through them all, but there is no sidebar showing the smaller pages. So I can’t go to that sidebar view and delete blank pages, use the split document command, or other commands that were available to me in the sidebar. I can’t find any of the same commands in the main menu at all. When the sidebar is present, there is an icon above the sidebar for you to turn it on/off. But the new documents with no sidebar showing don’t have the sidebar icon and I haven’t found a way to add one.

Anyone have any experience with this or any suggestions for me? I’ve dug all through the help files, FAQs, this forum, and everywhere I can think of to look, but no joy.



I’m seeing the same thing - or at least something very similar. What’s more the rendering of the pages in DT is messed up. When I view the same file in Preview it’s fine but in DT some documents show as just one long continuous page and others all show the pages oriented the same way when the actual document has the pages mixed between landscape and portrait. I’m also seeing some documents not syncing correctly to DTTG. Although I can view the document in DT on the desktop DTTG says that it is an unrecognised format. All of these documents are PDF by the way.

@Doctor_Dave and @PatrickM – do any of the commands in View > PDF Display toggle or adjust the views you are looking for?

Korm, the PDF Display item is greyed out under the View menu command when these documents are selected. So that isn’t even an option with mine.

I’ve already just rescanned the documents that were showing up this way and they all worked fine the second time around (individually scanned). Now I have some of the bulk scanned pages that show up fine in the preview box, fine in the right-hand sidebar, but blank in the main display screen. I can open them up by double-clicking and they are still blank, but if I hit the enlarge button, after some delay, they will show up with everything intact. Very weird. None of the View commands seem to do anything, although I just discovered “Zoom to Width” will show everything normally.