Right or control click to add selection

I’m a newb and am trying to see if a transition from Evernote to Dt is for me. It’s a small thing but one of the work routines I’m use to is right clicking or control clicking on a selection in Safari and having an option to clip to Evernote come up in the menu.

Is there a way to add this functionality to add to DT? This is especially useful for PDF’s as I don’t have to go through the print menu…I know…small thing but my work flow is used to Evernote integration.

To capture selected text/images as rich text from a page viewed in Safari, use the keyboard shortcut – Command-) – for one of the DEVONthink Services. There are other options as well; click on the DEVONthink application name in the menu bar, then on the Services submenu, then on the DEVONthink submenu to see those options.

If you are viewing a Web page in DEVONthink’s built-in browser and have selected an area of the page, if you Control-click you will see a contextual menu option to capture as a rich text note. But there are also several other options for capturing that page: as HTML, WebArchive, non-paginated PDF or paginated PDF.

And then there are the bookmarklets that can be dragged from the DEVONtechnologies site at http://www.devon-technologies.com/download/extras.html directly onto your Safari Bookmarks Bar. These provide several options for capturing material to a database.

Finally, you will find scripts that may be useful to capture material to a database. With Safari frontmost, take a look in your Global Scripts menu.