Right way to store image files for Markdown

Hello, community.
I have put some markdown files inside the DEVONThink Pro, and some of them link to some images.
In the old days, images are stored in the Dropbox so they can sync in all my devices. Images are linked via the absolute path and it works well. The only problem is DEVONthink To Go recognize the path (of course).

As a result, I have to put images in the DEVONThink and using item link in the markdown file. In that way, images can be viewed in the DEVONThink To Go but it also brings with a huge drawback: any external application can’t recognize the item link.

I’m wondering if there a better solution to store images for Markdown? Any suggestions are welcomed.

If you store the images in Dropbox you might want to use the Dropbox link instead of a link within your local file system. Just right-click the image in the Finder and chose ‘Get Link’ from the Dropbox options in the menu – presto. On iOS you can do the same using the Dropbox app.

PS: You could still add the images to the database then by indexing the image folder.

Thanks for replying.

“Get link” can be a workaround, but I actually don’t want these images to go public (although others may be unable to get the link).

If you index files in DEVONthink, they will be copied locally to DEVONthink To Go as it doesn’t support indexed files. However, this has no ill effect on DEVONthink’s indexing, so that may be a good route to explore.

Unless you share the link nobody can see them – unless you share your markdown file, but then you would probably people to be able to actually see the images :wink: Considering that this kind of access links is the common solution for sharing access to sensitive information on the web with selected people I would not worry about this. You can still retract the access link via Dropbox if in doubt.