Risk to delete groups

One thing I would like to have is a question from the program if I really want to delete a group.
As it is now it is possible to delete a whole group and you dont have a chance to save it back again
if you dont have made a backup.
I have noticed that if I try to delete a rich text file then I get the question about if I want to delete but
not on a group.
So this is something I want you to take a look at!

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If you’re going to delete groups which contain either contents and/or subgroups, then a warning will appear (whereas deleting empty groups shouldn’t require a warning, IMO).

You are completely right!

I get a warning on a group with contents!
I have tried earlier with empty groups!

Very good!:slight_smile:


Can anyone else still delete groups with content without a confirmation message?

While I usually get a confirmation message to delete a group, on a number of occasions I don’t and the group is just deleted along with all the documents inside.

Just to ask some more background information: when you thought the group’s contents were deleted, did the group contain duplicate/replicate records only? Can you recall anything that was in that group? The backups that are made might help you here.

Thanks for your reply

It has happen before, but this particular time I had about 14 new web-page documents in a group, no replicants or duplicates. I had just changed one of the html pages into a rtfd. I did this by using the Capture Note button which I have on the tool bar. When you do this the original stays selected. Then I pressed delete on the keyboard to delete the original html document, but the whole group also disappeared with no conformation message.

I could restore a backup as these were all new documents that I had just put into DEVONthink and was classifying.

I must admit though that I have been having trouble replicating the problem.

In case you’re able to reproduce this - please report as many details as possible (or sent a screenshot showing the contents & selection before deleting to our support address). Because this should never happen (and so far I can’t even imagine under which circumstances this could be possible).

This also happens to me. I never get any type of warning before deleting, even with populated groups. Very dangerous!!!

Are you still using version 1.x? Otherwise (v2.x) there’s no warning before moving stuff to the trash but before emptying the trash. And moving to the trash can be undone of course.