Roundtrip error: Can't move file into "database package"

I recently notice trouble roundtripping my documents with DTTG. After attempting to import an edited file (with the special modified filename) back into DTTG, I get the following error:

Addionally, the file contents is suddenly unavailable in DTTG and I’m given the prompt to download it (on-demand style). When I do so, of course it’s the original, unedited file.

This used to work for me. Any ideas?

What application are you trying to use with DTTG2 and does it support the Document Provider option?

I’ve tried a number of different apps (Editorial, Textastic, iA Writer) to narrow down where the problem lies. And yes, several of them do have Document Providers which works fine.

But when I’ve already spent the time to drill down to the document inside DTTG, it’s been very nice to also have the option to send the document from DTTG to the third-party app, and send it back when done. This roundtrip trick has been brilliant. And for apps like Editorial, it’s the only option.

Anyway, I was just wondering if this is a known issue, or if my database has gotten corrupted, or if there’s anything I can do to fix it.

Yes, this is (now) a know issue of version 2.1.2 and will be fixed in 2.1.3 (due soon).

Awesome! And I noticed the URL commands, too. Very nice update!