Roundtrip from Workflow

Hi there,

I am trying to send some Markdown-formatted text to DEVONthink To Go via Workflow and then return to Workflow…the URL I am using is:

x-devonthink://x-callback-url/createmarkdown?text=[ENCODED TEXT]&title=[ENCODED TITLE]&x-success=workflow://

A couple of things will happen when I run this…

  1. The Markdown file in DEVONthink To Go is “Unnamed” (this behaviour doesn’t occur when not trying the x-success parameter.

  2. After creating the file…I am not returned to Workflow.

Any thoughts?

The URL that you have posted works fine here and returns to Workflow

Did it automatically return to Workflow…i.e. without any interaction by you? I cannot get it to work without me hitting the button on the top left to return to Workflow.

Yes it did. It created a file in DTTG then returned to Workflow without any interaction from me. Is there any problem with the encoded text that you are using in the URL scheme?

Yes…I think there is. I’m using Workflow’s “URL Encode” action with a Markdown formatted file. It looks like that is where I am running into issues.

Interestingly, this only seems to occur when I use the title parameter.

What’s the title you’re passing to the workflow?

OK…I’ve done some more testing and this what I’ve learned…

I prefix the note title with the date, e.g. 2017-05-08.

If I put 2017-05- then it works fine…if I put 2017-05-08 then it won’t do the round trip.

Basically, anything after the second hyphen will cause a problem. I don’t think it’s the URL encode action either, as the hyphens do not percent encoded.