Row Number in Table

I have been experimenting with Tables in DT and I like the structure, but one of the things that I feel that is missing is having a column at the far left that has a row number (assuming LTR language) or better yet, the ability to turn off and on such a column. (Or maybe just a hint somewhere of the number of rows in the table). Does something like this already exist (or a way to get the same effect)?

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There is no line numbering or column numbering, but the request is noted.

However… in the Form view (called Best Alternative) the Navigation Bar shows the number of records. (See the built-in Help in Documentation > Documents > Sheets.)


Revisiting this three-year old discussion after searching for this same idea. Has this been updated? I’ve been working on a project that could benefit from this (and from keeping the table in DT versus using an outside spreadsheet) and thought it would be worth asking before I kludge a workaround.

The editing/navigation bar shows the number of the current row and the number of rows.

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You can always keep a spreadsheet file “inside” (not outside) DEVONthink and use the “Open with” feature. i do this all the time with my spreadsheets. In today’s world there is no reason to compromise and not use real spreadsheets.

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I’m new to devonthink and I’m still playing with the trial, but I also have a question in this matter.

I have to count lines of product inside a sheet, and by selecting the lines, I can’t find a way to see how many selected lines I have. The only trick I found is to see which number is the first line and the last line and do some math for example below :

447 - 428 + 1 = 20 lines selected

Bug it’s really messy and can bring mistakes very easily. Is there an other way to see the selected lines?


That’s the only workaround so far. Why is the number in your case that important?

It’s a list of 700 product sold in 90 areas. I just have to select the product by area and select the count in an external website form. I just wish I could select the Iines, read " X line selected" and put the number on the form like excel can do… but this file is in CSV and I was blown up how easily CSV are managed on devonthink that I don’t want to process it in excel…

With due respect, Microsoft Excel is a real spreadsheet application and seems better suited to doing what you want to do that rather than using DEVONthink tables and expecting spreadsheet features. Keep the data in a CSV file imported into DEVONthink if you want, but manipulate in Excel, I think.

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I understand what you’re saying. The only manipulation I do is only sorting the column and selecting lines. If I would like to more than that, then I’ll definitely will work on Excel.

Of course, It seems trivial by using it, but if such implementation can’t be easily implemented, then I can understand.

I just feel weird that we only have line position information and nothing more…

Easy to implement by simply showing e.g. “5 of 9” instead “1/9” in case of multiple selected rows.