RSS and Authenticated Feeds

I posted this question a while ago but it seemed to have been missed, so I thought I’d try it here instead. Sorry for the duplication…

Is there any way within DT Pro (2.x) to subscribe to authenticated RSS feeds? I tried putting my login/password combination in the feed URL but that didn’t seem to work.

Also, the feed just sits there with 0 items rather than displaying an authentication or other error. Should I expect feedback other than that when the feed is broken for some reason?

Feeds requiring cookies are not yet supported but those feeds accepting login information via the URL should work.

It does indeed work if using the full URL with login and password. Nice!

Any specific timeframe on the roadmap for supporting RSS feeds with cookies? I have some feeds for work that are accessible only after logging in through the Single Sign-On server and storing a cookie.



I personally wish it could be never, not taking anything away from your own needs for them.

According to Brent Simmons:

… using cookies, which is a big no-no in the RSS world

And Jonathon McDougall:

… cookies and RSS are a really bad combination, and are considered a No-No precisely because they only really work in browser-based aggregators.

You’re right that cookie-based authentication for feeds is a bad idea, but that’s what I’m stuck with since not everyone seems to agree :slight_smile:. I don’t think leaving it out of DEVONthink will change anyone’s mind unfortunately