RSS Devonthink setting in Apple Mail does nothing ????

I know I can browse RSS feeds in DTP and DA but there is also a setting in Apple Mail that gives me the option of collecting RSS feeds in Safari or Mail to read. One of the options is Devonthink Pro. Where do I look in Devonthink to find the feeds I subscribe. Currently, they all show up in Mail even though I have it set to Devonthink.

Currently I use Firefox, clicking the RSS icon send the feeds to Apple Mail. IF I do the same in Safari (with the RSS setting set to DTP), it sends the feed to DTP, DTP opens. I can see the newly added RSS fee in my RSS smart folder.

Oh . . nevermind. I see that I need to set up every RSS reading application to send the RSS feeds to Devonthink Pro - I just set the web feeds to DTP under the Preferences>Applications menu in Firefox.