RSS feed entry - a way to display the feed's name?


DEVONthink Pro is great… I’m in love with its RSS reader power. But I wish I could display the ‘parent’ of each RSS feed post somehow:

  • either in the viewer (post title, then its feed’s name, then the post content): that would be my favorite solution

  • or as a separate column in the list

Background: that would be useful when browsing all unread RSS posts using a smart group.

Ditto - I’ve wanted this too but the team has been so gracious with some of my requests that I’ve not wanted to bother them for awhile. :wink:

I’m a NetNewsWire diehard, but interestingly have found that I’m using DTP more and more for the feeds I care about and have sort of ignored my 800 feed NNW monolithic monster. It’s too scary to open, because it’s a daunting all day task to deal with it.

I really appreciate the ability to have multiple windows for different feeds. But I do get lost because I combine related feeds into multiple smart groups and knowing which feed any given quicklook preview is about is somewhat of a pain. But I"m not complaining!

yeah, that’s exactly why I asked this question :slight_smile: I wish I could create a smart group(s) for all/chosen unread feeds posts and to be able to see where they come from (which feed).

I was a huge NNW fan, too. then I switched to Google Reader… but what I missed was a global system for managing my information with some level of categorization. That’s what DT is excellent for - you can create a tree of categories (groups) and put all the stuff there:

  • notes
  • web pages/bookmarks
  • related feeds

I don’t want to implement this categorization in several systems (DT, GReader/NNW, local files…) - I prefer having it in one place (DT!).

That’s why I would be happy about some better RSS support in DT. :slight_smile: Displaying feed names, a column for displaying them (or sorting by source feed)… actually that would be enough to make me smile :slight_smile:

By the way, I’ve just found another cool use of feeds. You can create a replicant (Cmd+L) of a feed group (i.e. ‘TUAW’) and put this new replicant into a new group (let’s call it ‘Favourite feeds’). The ‘old’ feed stays where it was (for instance, ‘Mac’ category) and you can move its replicant to wherever you want to. This way you can have multiple categorizations at once - I have ‘TUAW’ RSS feed in ‘Cocoa’ group and in my ‘Favorite RSS’ group at once.

Picture “Kramer” holding his head and shouting, “You’re blowin’ my mind!” :laughing:

This script might be useful:

And if the smart group is part of a database, then it should be possible to do a “triggered” script for this task.