RSS feed for sites

I have tried creating a RSS feed but I’m not able to get any feed.
Do I need to do something other than just inputting a URL?

This site or any, for instance in
For any new posts.


To view a Discourse site as an RSS feed, add .rss at the end

For your stated site the feed URL is:

Thank you, I will try that :slight_smile:

Works in DevonThink forum.
I’m trying kijiji website for new posts on a particular item list, but adding .rss to the url doesn’t seem to work.(I don’t get feeds)

I wonder why….

the .rss trick only works on Discourse forums

Other websites may have a button or link to an RSS feed, if it exists

Kijiji has an RSS button but when I click on it, it asks me to allow “News” app to open and nothing happens. So odd.

I think I got it…. Im testing now.

I just right clicked the RSS button and copied the link.

Thanks rkaplan :slight_smile: