RSS feed format

Currently, there is a global settings for the feed format.

Can the feed format can be set separately on each rss feed source? Because I would like some feeds save in Web-format (clutter-free layout), but some feeds save as PDF format.

The format can be choosen in the Info inspector/popover.

Sorry I cannot find any way to change the format in the info inspector.

Let me further describe the case,

In DT3 RSS preference, I set Feed Format as “WebArchive” with “Use clutter-free” layout. So that all RSS feeds will be converted to clutter-free WebArchive without any issue.

But I would like just Engadget RSS feed will be save as PDF format with no clutter free. Can DT3 handle this? Thanks a lot.

Only the format can be changed in the inspector, not the clutter-free option:

Thanks, I finally get it. This info inspector cannot be triggered in the sidebar.

You need to make the object show in the view panel, such as select the related database. Then right click the object in the view panel > get info.

I set the default format as WebArchive in clutter-free format and the specified rss source as PDF in the inspector.

Finally, I get the PDF file, but it is a PDF in " WebArchive in clutter-free" content. It seems that it is processed by the default setting “WebArchive in clutter-free format”, and then convert it into PDF format.

Can the PDF directly convert from the normal web but not pre-processed by the global RSS setting?

Currently only by using scripts (or smart rules executing scripts).

Based on what you’re doing here - mixing formats - it sounds like it would be better to leave the Preference at Automatic then set per-feed settings for the format you’d prefer.