RSS feed import - xml from Google Reader possible? SOLVED

Is it possible to import a GoogleReader xml to read those feeds in DT?

(N.B.: Curiously, a search “RSS” in this forum comes up with zero hits!?)

If you have the URL to the feed, you can add the feed to the database using the ‘Data>New>Feed…’ command, but note that the RSS feed will not be synced to/from Google Reader.

Thank you.

I meant, can I import the GoogleReader xml to have all my 1000s of feeds in DT?

Doing it manually would not be an option for me.

Could you send the file to cgrunenberg - at - Then I’ll check this, thanks in advance.

Thank you Greg,

Changing the extension from .xml to .opml SOLVED my problem.

Glad to hear it works now. How well does DT work for you with that many feeds?