RSS Feed Question

I’m trying to set up some RSS feeds for the first time. When I do it on a WordPress site, I type the URL in my browser followed by /feed/ as When I hit return, a dialogue box pops us and says “Do you want to allow this page to open DEVONThink 3?” I click Allow and I go to a blank page that is Untitled and nothing happens.

I’m wondering why that question is asked and what it means and why nothing happens? I would expect to be taken to the site’s feed page were I could capture the feed URL. TIA for any help.

That message is from the browser, not DEVONthink.

Why are you typing the feed URL into your browser?
See DEVONthink’s Data > New > Feed.

I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear. I type it into the browser to get to the feed URL which I then put into Data>New>Feed. I do it that way because I’m not always sure that the site I’m looking at is a WordPress site and the URL/feed/ rarely returns anything if the site is not built in WP.

But my real question is how come when I type that into a browser I get the dialogue box asking whether I want to allow the page to open DT. Why does typing that feed URL trigger a connection with DT?


Possibly because DT is the only app on your machine that can open RSS feeds.

Thanks, but I also have NetNewsWire. If that happens to be open, the RSS feed goes directly into it. But if it’s closed, I don’t get a dialogue box asking me whether I want to open NetNewsWire the way I do with DT, regardless whether DT is open or quit.

This is controlled by the operating system, not DEVONthink. Whatever application is registered as the default RSS application will be opened.

For example, I have Vienna on my machine and it is set as the default RSS application.

Opening an RSS from Safari initiates this message…

Thank you. This is very helpful.

You’re welcome.