RSS feed that won't die

Hi all,

I’ve been evaluating DevonThink Pro Office and created a test RSS feed to see how it worked. I’d like to remove it now, and have deleted the feed and emptied the trash multiple times, but it appears that upon the refresh interval, the feed reappears in the global inbox. Is there someplace where RSS feeds are globally managed where I can remove it for good?


  • Pete

DEVONthink doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) create the feed on its own again. How did you add the feed to the database and what’s its URL?

I added the feed using the ‘Data --> New --> Feed’ menu item.

It appears in a folder called ‘Inbox’ within the global inbox, which seems odd. I’ve tried moving it, deleting it, selecting ‘Move all instances to the trash’ contextual menu item, emptying the trash, even trashing the ‘~/Library/Application Support/DevonThink Pro 2/’ folder and reinstalling.

It goes away until the next launch of the app, then it’s back in the nested inbox folder. :confused:

URL of feed =

found the problem – I had the feed stuck in the “~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Sorter/Global Inbox” folder within an “Inbox” folder. it wasn’t going away, so I deleted it manually and the problem vanished

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