RSS Feeds. Can't get it right.

I can’t seem to get an RSS Feed to work correctly. Based on the Tutuorial, I am trying both suggestions. 1.) One, Content (which I assume has been replaced by Data) New Link> type in or in my case drag in the URL for the feed. What I get is the actual web page. I was hoping to get this in RSS fashion as a digest with links to the website.

I tried the script to add a new feed I typed in the URL in the resulting pop up, and got an empty Group with no link in it.

I’m sure I must be missing a step?

Hmmm…I hate to say it but I haven’t even read the tutorial concerning feeds. I just drag them over from Safari, but in the lazy way I do it, I click the RSS icon in Safari’s menubar which reads the feed & then drag over to DT. There may be a more elegant approach, but hey whatever works…

FOr some reason, that doesn’t work for me. The blue RSS icon? It doesn’t create a link when I drag it.[/list]

No, some confusion here.

What cyol meant: open Safari, and surf to In the address bar you’ll see the blue “RSS” appear - this indicates that there’s an RSS feed for this page. Click on the RSS icon, and note that the new page begins “feed://…” instead of “http://…”. That “feed” business means that you’re now looking at the RSS feed.

Ok, now select the “cnn” icon in the left of the address bar. (The icon may be a “cnn” icon, or it may be a small graphic that looks like a newspaper with dog-eared front page.) It’s the icon positioned to the left of the “feed” URL. Drag that. You can drag it into an open DT database window, or drag it over the DT icon in the menubar, or drag it into the floating “groups” window if you have it open. Same result in any case.

Sorry I wasn’t clearer. You hit the blue icon to switch to RSS mode in Safari - you should then see the page change from the normal web view to the feed view - then grab the uri’s primary ico (icon) over at the left side of the feed url and drag that to dt.

You can also paste the feed’s url into the url field in the ‘info’ window in dt.

Looks like Fred beat me to the followup. Thanks, Fred!

Thanks Gentlemen. I’ve been dragging the wrong icon and/or dragging the address when not in Feed.