RSS Feeds in DTP v2 pb2 still problematic?

The new preferences for RSS feeds are nice. Thanks for adding this.

However, I still seem to be having trouble getting RSS feeds to load properly. Delicious feeds still do not seem to take and this may be a problem on the Delicious API end of things, but if I add a feed URL into a New Feed in DTP, it is created but nothing is added from the feed.

Also, I use NetNewsWire for most RSS feeds. I clip articles of interest to the Clippings folder which is synched across computers and can also be shared with an RSS feed. When I add the Clippings Folder RSS feed from NNW to DevonThink Pro, the feed gets added and then bizarrely only a few random articles get added in the feed. I have tried adding and then deleting and adding again this feed to see if it would work. So far no go. Sometimes I just get a few random feeds from the clippings folder and sometimes I get nothing at all, similar to how the Delicious feeds act.

Thanks for any insight into this.

Keene doesn’t like clients with certain user agents, the next public beta will fix this.