RSS feeds keep resurrecting themselves

Years ago, when I first started using Devonthink, I was experimenting with RSS feeds. So I created a feed for a couple tech feeds I like. After a while I decided to not use them anymore, so I deleted the feeds. Ever since then, when I sync devonthink or devonthink to go, 25,000 entries for these RSS feeds are downloaded. I have made sure all the feeds are deleted on all devices and trash is emptied. When installing Big Sur, I decided to to a clean install so today, when I installed devonthink and was creating my databases, 23,127 feed documents are being downloaded, even though the feeds do not exist on any device. So how do I get rid of these feeds from downloading pages and putting them in iCloud or wherever so they randomly show up on my devices. It will now take me days to go through all of my devices and remove these. So how do I stop this?

Does a search for kind:feed in all databases return anything on one of your computers?